Morgan County Emergency Management Agency
Office of Homeland Security

The Morgan County Local Emergency Planning Committee (MCLEPC), as established pursuant to the Emergency Planning and Community
Right to Know Act (EPCRA) of 1986, and shall prepare hazardous materials emergency plans that indicate the facilities that use, produce, or
store hazardous substances that are present in Morgan County. The MCLEPC shall serve as the repository for reports filed under Title III and
shall direct Title III implementation activities and perform outreach programs to increase the awareness, understanding and compliance with the

Notice Of Available Public Information

The public is advised that information concerning chemical inventories of certain facilities within Morgan County as well as information
concerning Morgan County’s chemical response planning efforts is available for review.
The Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986, known as SARA and/or the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know
Act or EPCRA provides a framework for chemical response planning in each local panning districts, which in this instance, is Morgan County.
The Morgan County Local Emergency Planning Committee (MCLEPC), working with the Ohio Emergency Response Commission (OERC or
Commission), the Morgan County Emergency Management Agency, and local fire departments, implement these requirements within Morgan
County. Chemical inventory information for facilities that meet or exceed the reporting threshold requirements of 10,000 pounds for hazardous
chemicals or approximately 500 pounds for certain defined extremely hazardous substances is available (the threshold for extremely hazardous
substances is as low as one (1) pound in certain instances.)

This information may be viewed during normal business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. It is suggested that you confirm staff availability
beforehand. EHS Facilities may be viewed by visiting; such requests must be facility specific, using forms approved
by the MCLEPC. These forms can be obtained from the MCLEPC by calling (740) 962-3900, faxing (740) 962-3901, or writing to MCLEPC, 60
South Fourth Street, McConnelsville, Ohio 43756. Photocopies of this information are available per the standard reproduction fees of the
Morgan County Emergency Planning Committee. The local 24-hour phone number for purposes of emergency notification, as required by SARA,

Reporting Requirements
Businesses, which use, store or manufacture chemicals, must file an Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know report with our agency
each year before March 1st. A report includes: (1) the facility information page; (2) inventory page(s); and the map page(s). To assist you in the
reporting process the following information is provided:

  • You WILL NOT receive an instructional reporting booklet this year from Ohio EPA. You will instead receive a letter directing you to
    download the manual and forms from their website. You may access the Facility Compliance Manual and report forms from the SERC
    Website at
  • If you do not have internet access; our office has a limited number of the compliance manuals and will make those available as long as our
    supply last.

Once your full report is complete, please mail to the following three agencies:
1. Morgan County LEPC                                        2. Your Local Fire Department        
60 South Fourth Street                                             
McConnelsville, OH 43756

3. Ohio Emergency Response Commission
Ohio EPA
P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, OH 43216-1049

If you have any questions, please call the SERC at 1-888-644-2260 or the Morgan County Emergency Management Agency at (740) 962-3900.\
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60 South Fourth Street
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