Morgan County Emergency Management Agency
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The Morgan County Local Emergency Planning Committee (MCLEPC) is one of 87 Ohio Local Emergency Planning Committee's which were
established pursuant to Section 301of the Federal Title III, Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act, commonly known as the
Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986 (EPCRA)
Morgan County encompasses over 421 square miles and includes four villages, and fourteen townships. Population is 14,897 residents. The
MCLEPC is charged with administering local compliance with hazardous materials reporting and training laws.
The MCLEPC is comprised of members representing several occupational categories: elected local officials; law enforcement; emergency
management; fire fighting; first aid; health; local environment; hospital; transportation; electronic media; print media; community groups; facility
owners and operators subject to EPCRA; interested citizens; and non elected local officials.

According to the Ohio State Emergency Response Commission (SERC), the LEPC shall prepare local hazardous materials emergency plans
that indicate the facilities that use, produce, or store extremely hazardous substances within the county; serve as the repository for local
reports filed under EPCRA; and direct local EPCRA implementation activities and perform associated outreach functions to increase the
awareness and understanding of and compliance with the EPCRA program.

LEPC Public Initiatives

The Morgan County Emergency Management Agency provides administrative staffing for the LEPC under a contractual agreement. Through
that staff the Morgan County LEPC tracks facilities that annually notify under the requirements of EPCRA, and this data is available for public
inspection. Some of the Morgan County LEPC accomplishments include:
  1. Developing the Morgan County Hazardous Materials Emergency Plan.  
  2. Providing training for hazardous materials emergency first response personnel.
  3. Developing and analyzing hazardous materials response team needs.
  4. Developing and holding public and private sector hazardous materials emergency exercises.
  5. Assisting public and private facilities with chemical emergency preparedness planning.
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